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Green Power Express
Transmission Line
Capacity: 12,000.00 MW
Miles: 3,000.0
Project Cost (M US$): $•••••••••••••
Percent Operating: 0.0% (0.0000 of 3000.0 mi.)
Segments Operating: 0 of 14

Description: The result of ITC's work on how to integrate wind and other renewable resources is called the "Green Power Express", a broad network of 765 kilovolt (kV) transmission facilities that has been designed to efficiently move up to 12,000 MW of renewable energy in wind-rich areas to major Midwest load centers. The Green Power Express is consistent with the vision outlined by President Obama in his national energy agenda. President Obama specifically mentioned his desire "to get wind power from North Dakota to population centers, like Chicago." The Green Power Express will allow this goal to be met.

Once built, the Green Power Express transmission project will traverse portions of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana and will ultimately include approximately 3,000 miles of extra high-voltage (765 kV) transmission. Project cost is estimated at between $10 and $12 billion.

Transmission System Coordinator Ii ITC Holdings Corp ••••••••••••• •••••••••••••
Process and Quality Assurance Senior and Senior Transmission System Coordinator (shift Manager) ITC Holdings Corp ••••••••••••• •••••••••••••
Vice President Operations ITC Holdings Corp ••••••••••••• •••••••••••••

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Companies Involved:
Company NameCompany Role
ITC Holdings Corp •••••••••••••
MDU Resources Group, Inc. •••••••••••••
Northwestern Energy LLC •••••••••••••
ITC Holdings Corp •••••••••••••
Avangrid Renewables (FKA Iberdrola Renewables) •••••••••••••
Crownbutte Wind Power •••••••••••••
Denali Energy •••••••••••••
Generation Energy Inc. •••••••••••••
National Wind Assessments •••••••••••••
Wind Capital Group •••••••••••••
MDU Construction Services Group, Inc. •••••••••••••
NextEra Energy Resources (FKA FPL Energy) •••••••••••••
Ft. Thompson - Lakefield765 kV240.0 miProject Suspended
IA New - Lakefield765 kV100.0 miProject Suspended
Grimes - IA New765 kV115.0 miProject Suspended
Ft. Thompson - IA New765 kV305.0 miProject Suspended
Helena - Chisago765 kV160.0 miProject Suspended
Helena - Lakefield765 kV115.0 miProject Suspended
Chisago - ND New765 kV355.0 miProject Suspended
Ft. Thompson - ND New765 kV245.0 miProject Suspended
Adams - Hazleton765 kV85.0 miProject Suspended
Adams - Lakefield765 kV140.0 miProject Suspended
Plano - Hazleton765 kV215.0 miProject Suspended
N. Madison - Adams765 kV250.0 miProject Suspended
Sullivan - Grimes765 kV455.0 miProject Suspended
Antelope Valley - ND New765 kV135.0 miProject Suspended
8/27/2009ITC & NorthWestern Sign Green Power Express Agreement
7/8/2009ITC Signs First Green Power Express Agreement With MDU Resources
4/13/2009'Green Power Express' gains federal rate incentives