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Thompson to Vicksburg Transmission Line Rebuild
Transmission Line
Miles: 2.4
Percent Operating: 0.0% (0.0000 of 2.4 mi.)
Segments Operating: 0 of 1

Description: Lubbock Power & Light plans on rebuilding 2.45 miles of existing transmission line between the Thompson and Vicksburg Substations to a 115 kV standard.

The existing line contains twenty (20) existing steel structures and twenty (20) existing wood structures on an existing easement. The existing phase conductors will be reused from Vicksburg Substation to structure 2004T14 and from 2004T36 to Thompson Substation. The rebuilt transmission line circuitwill support 959.6kcmil ACSS/TW “Suwannee” conductor and one (1) position of DNO-11133 optical ground wire (OPGW). The OPGW will connect Thompson substation and Vicksburg substation.

A line swap to reconfigure the existing Thompson to Vicksburg and McCullough to Vicksburg transmission line into their new positions at Vicksburg substation will be performed at 2004T03.

The scope of work includes the installation of foundations, erection of structures, stringing of conductor and shield wires, restoration of right of way access, restoration of working space easements, and restoration of right-of-way of transmission line easements per the Contract Documents. In addition, scope within the substation includes installation of three (3) 3/8” 7-Strand high strength, galvanized steel shield wires installed in the spans between the H-frames at the substations and the first transmission structure from the H-frame.

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Lubbock Power & Light •••••••••••••
Lubbock Power & Light •••••••••••••
Black & Veatch •••••••••••••
Thompson-Vicksburg115 kV2.3 miPre-Construction - Chosen Route