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Cheyenne Ridge Wind Project Interconnection
Transmission Line
Miles: 65.0
Project Cost (M US$): $•••••••••••••
Percent Operating: 100.0% (65.0 of 65.0 mi.)
Segments Operating: 1 of 1

Description: In order to connect the proposed Cheyenne Ridge Wind Project, Xcel is proposing to construct 65 miles of 345 kV transmission between the project switching station and Rush Creek Gen-Tie.

Vice President of Engineering & Construction Xcel Energy ••••••••••••• •••••••••••••
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Public Service Company of Colorado ••••••••••••• •••••••••••••

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Companies Involved:
Company NameCompany Role
Public Service Company of Colorado •••••••••••••
Public Service Company of Colorado •••••••••••••
Hooper Corporation •••••••••••••
PAR Electrical Contractors •••••••••••••
Tradewind Energy, Inc. •••••••••••••
POWER Engineers •••••••••••••
Xcel Energy •••••••••••••
Cheyenne Ridge-Rush Creek II345 kV65.0 miOperating