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Alliant Energy ADMS
Distribution Management System
Status: Project Complete
Pilot: No
Locations: Wisconsin, USA

Description: Alliant Energy has selected Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI) to provide them with an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS).

Alliant Energy has been using OSI technology for several years for various OT applications. This project expands the distribution management capabilities of the OSI platform to create an grid management system facilitating distribution operations and system reliability.

Detail Information:

IndustryProject TypesPilot Program
ElectricDistribution Management SystemNo

Analyst Notes:
Development Timeline:
Time of ChangeYear of ChangeStatusConfirmed
August 9, 2019 2019 Implementation Stage
No Time of Change Specified 2022 Project Complete

Existing Connections:
Companies Involved:
Company NameCompany Role
Alliant Energy •••••••••••••
Open Systems International (OSI) •••••••••••••